Some of the Best Games to Try If You Love Bingo

MBR 9 is a popular board game

Bingo is a type of gambling game slot thailand that has developed rapidly since its origins in 16th century Italy. In the following centuries, it spread across Europe, but began to flourish in America in the 1960s. Bingo halls sprung up across the country as family-friendly games of chance and thrived until the early 2000s when interest waned significantly.

However, with the advent of the internet, online bingo has brought back the former glory of the game and players started swapping physical cards for online bingo cards. Today, there are many other games you can play that also combine the thrill of chance with a certain amount of skill and strategy.

The Kind of Bingo Games You’ll Love

Often derived from popular board games, these games apply some of the same principles that make bingo so addictive.


NMBR 9 is a popular board game from Germany where players use a deck of 20 cards numbered 0-9, as well as 80 geometrically shaped tiles also numbered 0-9. The cards are shuffled and used as a random number generator. The tiles are distributed among the players and as numbers are drawn from the deck, each player begins to create a pile with their tiles. The tiles on the stack must touch at least one other tile on the same level.

Tiles can also be laid on top of two or more tiles provided that no part of the new tile overhangs the tile below it. The goal is to get the highest stack possible because after all the cards are drawn, players calculate their score based on the value of the tiles they managed to collect. The bottom tile is worth zero while the higher tiles are multiplied by their level, for example, level one tiles are worth x one, level two tiles are worth x two, and so on. The player with the highest score wins.

20 Express

Young math students often use 20 Express as a study aid to learn probability and improve their strategic thinking. The aim of the game is to try and create the longest ascending series of numbers. Each player is given a card containing a train of 20 cars that must be filled with numbers. Twenty numbered tiles are drawn at random and the player must decide which car the number should go on. Part game of chance and part strategy, 20 Express really twists the brain.


Another German game, Karuba, is similar to Take It Easy! in that players place tiles that create paths or roads if connected correctly. Each player has a character who follows a path through a forest to find treasure and reach four hidden temples. Players take turns to randomly select numbered tiles and then place tiles with the same number on their board.

What Are the Best Games to Try If You Like Bingo?

This is what bingo has in common. After a few rounds, players’ boards will be different as they place their tiles in different places and discard other tiles along the way. The game ends when players situs togel reach all the temples and 36 tiles have been drawn. The player with the highest score (treasure) wins.

Rolling America

Derived from the Japanese game Rolling Japan, this dice game is a type of geographic bingo. Each player’s card is a map of the US, which is divided into 50 states of different colors. A player rolls two colored six-sided dice (two out of seven – six dice represent state colors and one is a wild die). The player removes the dice from the bag at every turn. Players write down each number on the matching state on their card. If a player pulls clear dice, they can write down the number on any state.

There are a number of interesting rules and restrictions that make the gameplay a bit more complicated among them, the rule that neighboring states cannot have numbers with a difference greater than one. When a player cannot place a number without breaking this rule, they place an X in the corresponding state. After eight rounds, the player with the fewest X numbers wins the game.

Bingo Variants That You Should Try


  • Play Slingo online and unite the 75-ball bingo aspect with some instantly recognizable features of traditional slot machines, including a 5×5 number grid and slot reels placed just below.

Free Bingo

  • Free Bingo is a 75-ball game that requires no deposit and offers up to six free tickets every day, every hour.

No Lose Bingo

  • No Los Bingo is a 75-ball game where the deposit is refunded if the player does not win.

Penny Bingo

  • Play online bingo for just one penny per ticket every day.

Money Bingo

  • This is a betting game where players can wager on bingo or Slingo to earn bingo bonuses.

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