Penn State Football Schedule 2023: Dates, Opponents, and Key Matchups

Penn State Football Schedule

Penn State football fans eagerly anticipate each new season, and one of the most exciting aspects is the release of the Penn State football schedule. In this article, we will provide you with all the essential details about the Penn State football schedule for 2023, including the dates, opponents, and some key matchups to watch out for. Read more

Understanding the Penn State Football Schedule

The Penn State Nittany Lions participate in the highly competitive Big Ten Conference, which means they face some of the most formidable opponents in college football. The schedule is carefully crafted to challenge the team while also providing opportunities for them to showcase their skills on the national stage. Read more

Penn State Football Schedule 2023

Opening Game:

The 2023 season kicks off with an exciting matchup against the [Opponent’s Name] on [Date]. This game will set the tone for the entire season, and fans can’t wait to see how the Nittany Lions perform.

Big Ten Showdowns:

As a member of the Big Ten, Penn State faces off against traditional rivals and tough conference opponents. Some key Big Ten matchups include games against [Opponent 1] on [Date], [Opponent 2] on [Date], and [Opponent 3] on [Date]. These games are bound to be intense battles that you won’t want to miss.

Non-Conference Tests:

The Nittany Lions also have some intriguing non-conference matchups lined up. Notable games include [Opponent 4] on [Date] and [Opponent 5] on [Date]. These out-of-conference games provide an opportunity for Penn State to showcase their talent on a national scale. Read more

Homecoming Game:

One of the most cherished traditions in college football is the Homecoming game. Penn State’s Homecoming game for 2023 will be against [Opponent 6] on [Date]. It’s a time for alumni and fans to come together and celebrate the Penn State community.

Rivalry Games:

Penn State has fierce rivalries with teams like [Rival 1] and [Rival 2]. These matchups always carry a special significance, and emotions run high. Be sure to mark your calendar for these intense contests on [Date] and [Date]. Read more

Key Matchups to Watch

While every game on the Penn State football schedule is important, there are a few that stand out as must-watch matchups:

Penn State vs. [Big Rival]:

This game is a classic rivalry that has a rich history. The atmosphere is electric, and the outcome is unpredictable. Don’t miss the showdown on [Date]. Read more

Penn State vs. [Top-Ranked Opponent]:

When Penn State faces a highly-ranked opponent, it’s an opportunity to see how they measure up against the best in the country. The clash with [Top-Ranked Opponent] on [Date] will be one to remember.

Certainly! Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to the Penn State football schedule:

1. When is the Penn State football season for 2023 starting?

The Penn State football season for 2023 kicks off with the opening game against [Opponent’s Name] on [Date].

2. How many Big Ten matchups are there in the 2023 schedule?

Penn State is scheduled to play several Big Ten conference games in 2023, including matchups against [Opponent 1], [Opponent 2], and [Opponent 3].

3. Which are the key non-conference games for Penn State in 2023?

Penn State has two notable non-conference games in 2023, facing [Opponent 4] on [Date] and [Opponent 5] on [Date].

4. What is the Homecoming game, and when is it scheduled?

The Homecoming game is a cherished tradition, and in 2023, Penn State’s Homecoming game will be against [Opponent 6] on [Date].

5. Who are Penn State’s biggest rivals, and when are those games scheduled in 2023?

Penn State has intense rivalries with teams like [Rival 1] and [Rival 2]. These rivalry games are scheduled for [Date] and [Date].

6. Are there any special events or festivities around Penn State football games?

Yes, Penn State football games often come with a variety of tailgating events, fan activities, and celebrations. Be sure to check the official Penn State Athletics website or social media channels for updates on game-day festivities.

7. How can I purchase tickets for Penn State football games?

Tickets for Penn State football games can typically be purchased through the official Penn State Athletics website, authorized ticket vendors, or at the stadium on game day. It advisable to check the official website for ticket availability and purchase options.

8. Is there a specific dress code or fan gear recommended for Penn State games?

While there’s no official dress code, many Penn State fans choose to wear blue and white, the team’s colors, to show their support. Wearing Penn State merchandise and accessories is a common way for fans to display their team spirit.

9. Can I watch Penn State football games on television or online?

Yes, Penn State football games are often broadcast on television through various networks, and some games may also be available for streaming online. Check with your local TV listings and the official Penn State Athletics website for broadcast details.

10. Are there any COVID-19-related precautions or guidelines for attending Penn State football games in 2023?

It’s important to stay updated on any COVID-19-related guidelines and protocols that may be in place for attending Penn State football games. Check the official Penn State Athletics website for the latest information about health and safety measures.


The Penn State football schedule for 2023 promises excitement, drama, and thrilling moments. Whether you’re a die-hard Nittany Lions fan or simply a college football enthusiast, be sure to mark your calendar with these important dates. The team is gearing up for an incredible season, and you won’t want to miss a single game as they aim for victory in the competitive world of college football. Stay tuned for all the action on the field! Read more

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