Best CDA Land for Investment in Islamabad in 2023

CDA Land for Investment in Islamabad in 2023


Investing in the real estate sector is a win-win proposition, and land that has been approved by the CDA is always profitable due to its complete legality. There are numerous CDA-approved communities, with Park View City being the finest. Let’s scrutinize in this blog why this society is preferable to all others.

Park View City Islamabad

Park View City is a nice housing community in Zone IV of Islamabad that has been cleared by the CDA and is run by Vision Group. A wide main street connects the motorway to the rest of the city. You can also get there from Bani gala and Kurri Road. Park View City Islamabad is on the edge of Islamabad’s botanical garden, and it has many entrances and exits that make it easy to get to. The Vision Group has a lot of land improvements in other important cities in Pakistan, such as Karachi and Lahore.

One of the 5 Reasons to Invest in Park View City in 2023 is well-known among investors for its great views and high-quality services. It’s meant to be the perfect place for families who want to live in a safe, family-friendly area with a modern look and clear views. This blog gives you 5 reasons to buy in Park View City in 2023. Park View City Islamabad is the bright jewel of Islamabad because of where it is, how quickly it is growing.

It is heaven on earth because of where it is. A big mosque in the style of Turkey, a well-known school, a big hospital, Park View Mall, and a big community are all part of world-class housing projects. Park View City is owned by a member of Pakistan’s ruling party who is rich in real estate. The site of this project is just as good as that of the Bahria Enclave.

 Here are the top five reasons why you should buy in Park View City:

1-   Developers You Can Trust and Who Are Well-Known

One of the 5 Reasons to Invest in Park View City in 2023 is that it has well-known developers. Aleem Khan started Vision Group in 2012, and the company has finished a number of tasks. In less than 10 years, Vision Group has dominated the Pakistani housing market and become one of the most known and reliable real estate companies in the area.

Vision Group

The Vision Group project has both a nice look and modern functionality, making it a place to live that is both comfy and luxurious. Vision Group has finished a number of successful projects, some of which are architectural marvels in Pakistan’s biggest towns.

Vision Group planned Park View City Islamabad with a unique, modern style and new ideas. As their first venture in Islamabad, Park View City employs cutting-edge methods to ensure its success.

This project wants to be the best and is one of the most active building projects in the area. Vision groups’ past projects that were a success are:

  • Signature Apartments
  • Karachi’s Park View Icon.
  • The National School

2-   Prime Location

The mandatory thing about a good real estate purchase is where it is. Location is crucial to a lot of investors, whether they are making short-term or long-term purchases. There are a few housing cooperatives, but most of them are not as close to the three major roads as the Islamabad Zoo and Botanical Gardens in the middle of Margalas.

Park View City location is right next to the CDA-funded neighbourhood Park and is across the street from the beautiful Bahria neighborhood. The company is near Bani Gala and Chak Shahzad, which are both easy to get to. The Kashmir Highway and the Islamabad Highway are also nearby and easy to get to. The strange scenery of the Islamabad Zoo and Botanical Gardens is right next to the north side of the Islamabad PVC. Park View City is located close enough to the city center that getting there is a breeze, and it is surrounded by the stunning hills and mountains of Bani Gala.

Park View City Islamabad is the best place to live because it is a beautiful housing community close to the city center. The Park View City map has specific plans for how all of the residential lots, commercial areas, and public buildings will be built.

All roads leading into Park View City are at least 100 feet wide. This is one of the 5 Reasons To Invest In Park View City in 2023. But the Capital Development Authority (CDA) wants to make Kurri Road, Malot Road, and Simply Dam Road into a 200-foot highway in the 2020 Islamabad Master Plan. This means that all roads leading to Park View City Islamabad will be made at least 200 feet wide. The main Park View City Boulevard is now 200 feet wide, giving people their first image of luxury.

3-  Grand Entrance and Mega Commercial Area

 The business area is right at the entrance, so more people will walk there. In this case, it will also be available to nearby neighborhoods like the Bahria Enclave and the Park Enclave. The worth of the community goes up even more when real estate developers build pioneer projects and shopping malls in these commercial zones.

Another of the 5 Reasons to invest in Park View City in 2023 is that the commercial area and the mega commercial site The Walk are right behind the door. The business park brings in commercial and business activities in residential areas, which improves the quality of life and living in the neighborhood.

4-   A society good for the environment

One of the 5 Reasons to Invest in Park View City in 2023 is that it is quiet and has a great view. Park View City has a big campaign to plant trees to help the climate and make the city look better. People say that Park View City has more than 150,000 plants. One of the best things about Park View City is the abundance of natural wood planks, which are healthy for the environment.

Because Chak Shahzad is known for its beauty. Park View City Islamabad is not a desirable location for a property purchase. Studies on the environment have shown that the thick forest is beneficial to the local population. The number of eco-friendly dwelling developments is rising.

Because of the map and position of Park View City Islamabad, housing companies like Capital Smart City are making eco-friendly programs. Park View City shouldn’t bother with this. As a leader in green real estate strategy, Park View City Islamabad is always the first to come up with new ideas. Park View City has made changes to its housing projects to help protect the environment. These changes were made with climate change and environmental worries in mind. The area was looked at by a group of activists.

Park View City Hill Estate Islamabad

Pakistan joined the fight against plantations, and the Plant4Pakistan campaign was started. Park View City also signed up for the effort. A 2017 UN study said that 25% of every state’s land should be planted, but less than 3% of Pakistan’s land is planted. The Global Climate Risk Index says that when it comes to the long-term effects of climate change, Pakistan is fifth in the world.

Plot Sizes and Payment Plan

One of the 5 Reasons to Invest in Park View City in 2023 is that it has a well-thought-out master plan. According to the master plan, all the blocks in Park View City are growing quickly, and there are homes for sale in A, B, C, and D. Sector H and other blocks are growing quickly, and the operator says that people who book properties in the A and B blocks will only have to pay a 25% down payment.

This is the best time for people in Islamabad who want to buy a home to take advantage of this chance. Installment and payment plans for Park View City are well thought out for businesses and people who want to buy a home there. Most of the time, the down payment is between 10% and 30%, and you can pay the rest in easy monthly or quarterly amounts.

Plot Categories in Park View City

Currently, the following sizes of PVC parcels are available:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal 2 Kanal
  • Blocks A, B, F, J, and K all have 5 Marla plots for sale.
  • In Block J, there are 8 Marla plots for sale.
  • There are 10 Marla plots in blocks A, B, F, H, and I.
  • Blocks B, C, E, F, N, and M all have 1 Kanal plots for sale.
  • In blocks D and P, there are 2 Kanal home plots for sale.

Park View City is a housing project in the center part of Islamabad that is backed by the CDA. One of the project’s new business centers will be in downtown Islamabad. The focus in Midtown will be on a 100-Kanal lake. Park View City is in a wonderful place because it is in a valley surrounded by a beautiful floral scene. Park View City Islamabad drew a lot of developers because of the project’s #1 features.

Final Words

Park View City’s main goal is to teach people about the environment and build the project without hurting the environment. This is why it is called a “eco-friendly” project. A press statement says that Park View City Islamabad was made so that people could enjoy the best of both nature and luxury.

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